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Fundado em 1997

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backpacks, bags, accessories segment The backpack is now an accessory used by most people and for various purposes, when we start to analyze the backpacks Universe, we observed that most are unicolor or with poor prints, that´s the main reason why we began to prepare, a brand with unique and spectacular patterns, which leaves no one indifferent. And that´s why Bonne exists, to leave no one indifferent! Every year we launch a new collection with a variety of colorful and unique designs set to please a vast and different public. Our creations are inspired by different themes such as graffiti, music, extreme sports as well as in the ongoing trends. Besides Bonne design, the team often invite artists, designers and even some of our customers to collaborate in the collections. Bonne is the combination of originality, functionality, quality, sustainability and price. And that´s why we constantly explore more ingenious and accessible ways of doing things. Bonne brand is inspired by a real bone, intending to convey an idea of structure, linking also, the youthful imagination. Bonne is only for young people...of all ages. Bonne initially was conceived for a youth segment between 12 and 22 years but over the years and with our great satisfaction, there is a big demand also of older segments. All our customers share the same view of Bonne, the different design and quality. Where to sell, paper stores/design, surf shops, streetwear shops, fashion shops, bags shops, Sk8 shops, Sports shops. link Bonne collection:
Setor / Indústria

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Produtos e serviços:

backpacks, bags, accessories

Escritórios em:

Angola, Argentina, Brasil, China, Grécia, Itália, Portugal, França, Espanha

Principais clientes:

Brazil, italy, Spain, France, Greece, Holland, Germany, Angola,Portugal
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