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Estados Unidos
Fundado em 2012

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InArt is a US-based nonprofit organization (501c3) led by a team with over 30 years of experience in successful community art program development for peace in the Mesoamerican Region. Through the arts, INART 1. Transforms conflicts and promote peacebuilding activities. 2. Addresses issues such as poverty and social exclusion by awakening the creativity of humankind. 3. Gives people the opportunity to express themselves through the arts while rescuing & beautifying common spaces and creating safe environments. 4. Helps people take pride in their own personal and collective identities through experiencing the benefits of labor and communal bonding, which lead to sustainable development. 5. Effectively creates self-employment opportunities for adults and parents through alternative artistic methods. 6. Help people build skills and knowledge that can empower participants to make safer choices. Through the expressive arts we are able to develop community resilience. Our program´s activities promote self-care techniques and enhance conflict transformation by facilitating an understanding of both personal and community needs. INART's holistic expressive arts programs have resulted in a decrease of violence and delinquency. The environmental impact of the repurposing and recycling programs is contributing to healthier and cleaner communities. The arts create the potential space to explore and rebuild a sense of identity, family and community. Through your support, INART will fund peacebuilding and expressive arts programs for at- risk populations in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean. In Art We Believe, for peace we create!
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