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The International Association of Professionals (IAOP)

The International Association of Professionals (IAOP)

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The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®), is the global, standard-setting organization and advocate for the outsourcing profession. Membership in IAOP provides access to an extensive array of services, and just as importantly distinguishes organizations and professionals as leaders in the field of outsourcing. Memberships are designed to suit the needs of customer organizations, provider and advisor companies and individuals. The Outsourcing World Summit is IAOP’s annual global gathering, where outsourcing customers, providers and advisors come together to learn from one another, network and shape the future of our industry. First produced in 1998, the Summit has been held nearly 30 times on four continents and is renowned for the quality of its speakers and the depth and breadth of its educational programs. IAOP's training, certification and designation programs are the de facto standard for organizations looking to improve their outsourcing outcomes. Certification signifies that you are an expert in your field. It gives you, and your employer, confidence in your job skills.

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